The family business Moorea (the mulberry tree in Ancient Greek) was founded by the Margelis family with abundant love and dedication to family heritage. The mulberry tree that dominates today in the yard of Christina House, used to be a place of relaxation for our ancestors because of its cool shade but also provided silkworms with fresh leaves where they could weave their cocoon.

The same tree is now inspiring the new generation of Moorea, represented today with the names of the 3 girls of the family; Christina, Gabriella and Ilia.

With respect and love of the past, but also enthusiasm and strength deriving from the new we offer a series of houses in the seaside village of Petalidi but also in the old village of Altomira located on the rugged slopes of Mt. Taygetos, combining mountain and sea experience in a unique way.

We hope the shade of the trees that inspired our family and our ancestors will become a source of inspiration, relaxation and creation for our guests along with our warmest wishes for a nice vacation!

• About Moorea •