Ilia house

Ilia House is on the slope of Mount Taygetos, in the Municipality of Avia, in the western part of Mani; specifically, in the old village of Altomira. It is considered to be an excellent example of local traditional architecture dating back to the end of 19th century. Since 2005 the Ministry of Culture has protected the house as a local monument. Ilia house is a traditional two-storey stone house, ideal only for nature lovers and hikers.
  • fully-equipped kitchen
  • large dining table
  • 1 bedroom with bunk beds
  • 1 bedroom with 3 bunk beds
  • bathroom
  • veranda with view to mountainous scenery and sea
  • mattresses by MediaStrom
  • linens, duvets, pillows and curtains by Laura Ashley
up to 9 guests