Petalidi village

Our guesthouses are located in the seaside village Petalidi, built on a beautiful natural bay, which has the shape of a real horseshoe, which gave it its Greek name. Here, on the east coast of Pylia, which was well-known from the time of Homer, guests can enjoy the variety of beaches, savor nature, go trekking on the historical paths, which are covered with soil and vegetation.

In the waters of Petalidi bay, from the prehistoric times until today, three cities have been mirrored: the Homeric ‘Prikoa Epia’, ancient Koroni, where Messenians repatriated with the help of Boeotians, and the current Petalidi that was given as a gift in return to the warriors of 1821 Greek War of Independence, mainly to those coming from Mani, for their contribution to the war.

The town of Petalidi was established in 1834 with a royal decree, upon the initiative of Nikolaos-Pierrakos Mavromichalis, so that people coming from Mani could settle there.

Petalidi is the starting point for excursions to numerous villages and towns of Messenia. Also, trekking on Lykodimo Mountain and its surrounding summits, offers unique powerful images and emotions. Above Petalidi there is the Peran Castle, which was built during the Frankish period and was one of the thirteen control watchtowers of the Messenian bay constructed on Cape Akritas. At the entrance to the village of Petalidi there are the Roman baths that were recently unearthed by archaeologists.

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